Hawaiian Massage

& Massage Classes

Traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage in Deer Park, WA.

Private office at Dr. Greg Miller Dentistry.
309 W. Crawford, Deer Park, WA
(Approx 1/4 mile east of North traffic circle on 395.)

Joan’s Aloha Massage was created and is committed to providing a relaxing, compassionate, professional and therapeutic massage experience. Joan’s Aloha Massage is known for it’s very high standards, morals and integrity. Joan’s goal is for you to experience the “Spirit of Aloha” with genuine unconditional caring for all, as she personalizes each massage and spa treatment, to fit your individual & unique needs.  Her desire is to help clients achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional wellness through massage and by giving clients the knowledge to take a more active role in their own health.

Joan is a Hawaiian Lomilomi Instructor and NCBTMB (National Certified Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworkers) Instructor & Approved Provider, #1713. 

Clients may enjoy learning different massage skills to help prevent and alleviate pain and suffering in your loved ones. An extra benefit is that couples and families grow closer together, through healthy touch and communication. You may choose from a Private or Group Couples Experiences, Assorted Massage Classes & Parties. 

Call for more info or to schedule a massage or spa treatment for yourself or a loved one. Escape to the Islands without having to get on a plane! Call today and experience “ahhh”! These treatments and classes make PERFECT Gifts. 


“As a Hawaiian elder, it is so rewarding to find Lomilomi Massage practitioners who embody the purity and tradition of this sacred healing art with humility and respect.

Joan Haney has the heart and knowledge to share all that she studied with a respected teacher, Tamara Mondragon, who herself upheld the tradition learned in Hawaii with Aunty Margaret Machado.  Joan embodies the aloha and sincerity that make her an excellent instructor.  I can recommend her authentic teaching without reservation.” – Kumu Brenda Mohalapua Ignacio

“Being native Hawaiian, it is wonderful to find a practitioner that has honor for our culture and is gifted in this healing art! Mahalo a nui loa Joan!”- Cindy Ellis

Joan’s knowledge of massage is vast and is truly magnified by her nurturing personality. She has helped me manage my pain from chronic illnesses. I love the Hot Stone Massage with Essential Oils that she uses to help with my pain. Pure magic. I have also taken her classes. One with 2 of my girls, and also with my husband. She is an excellent teacher. Always learn something new and she is entertaining! Can’t say enough good things about this lady. – Monica Thiessen

“When I got home from Afghanistan, I could only sleep 3 hours at night. After my massage, I slept for 12 hours that night and 8 or more hours each night after that.” – William Haney

You are invited to host a class or workshop in your state or overseas. Joan has been invited to teach in Japan and numerous states in the USA.


Call for more info & to schedule. 509-688-7097

Joan Haney, LMT #MA 60176620, NCBTMB Instructor & Approved Provider # 1713, practices and teaches Hawaiian Lomilomi Healing Arts. Her goal is to spread “ALOHA”, help prevent and heal injury and pain in the body and help teach others (all over the world) to do the same.

Joan is a graduate of Inland Massage Institute, Spokane, WA. She advanced her massage skills by attending many Hawaiian Lomilomi workshops in Hawaii and on the mainland and is grateful to all her teachers and especially to Auntie Tamara Mondragon. Auntie Tamara was one of the first students of the great “Auntie Margaret Machado”. Auntie Tamara worked on the Oakland Raiders football team for eight years and wrote the cover story for Massage Magazine in 2000. Joan has studied several lineages and styles of Lomilomi. In 2010 she started studying with Auntie Tamara and apprenticed with her in 2012 and 2013. Joan feels blessed to have also studied with Auntie Margaret’s daughter, Auntie Nerita Machado. Joan uses and teaches Hawaiian Lomilomi as taught to her by Auntie Tamara and strives to help keep “Auntie Margaret’s” dream alive to take Lomilomi to the world.

Joan and her “Ohana” live on an organic farm in WA state. She loves people and teaching, and continues to study Hawaiian Healing Arts, Hawaiian culture and self-reliance. She also loves all animals, especially horses, aquaponics, running, backpacking, yoga, all water sports and of course Hawaii.