Hawaiian Lomilomi

History & Mission of Joan‘s Aloha Massage

Hawaiian Lomilomi and Auntie Margaret.

ALOHAHawaiian Lomilomi is an Indigenous Ancient Healing Art passed down from generation to generation. It includes healing massage, Ho’oponopono, (the daily practice of forgiveness, letting go, and increasing ones “mana”) and La’au Lapa’au (traditional Hawaiian medicine and spirituality).

Today there are many wonderful Lomilomi family lineages being taught. There are also some new styles being taught. Our mission is to keep world renown Hawaiian Healer Auntie Margaret Machado’s “Loving Touch”, alive, traditional and pure. Auntie Margaret was a very humble, Kapuna (beloved elder, the source), and loving master healer who lived on the Big Island. Many people from all over the world, came to her and were healed. For the first time in 1972, she started teaching students outside of the family. Auntie Margaret was inspired to share the healing of Lomilomi with people throughout the world. Click here to view available NCBTMB CE Workshops.

Auntie Tamara Mondragon was one of the three original students of Auntie Margaret’s in 1972 and 73. Auntie Tamara felt very blessed to have learned from Auntie Margaret before she started her formal school at her beach house at Keei Beach in South Kona.  Auntie Tamara’s journey took her to CA where she worked on the Oakland Raiders football team for eight years. She also wrote the cover story for massage magazine in 2000.

Joan Haney studied several lineages and in 2010 started studying with Auntie Tamara and apprenticed with her in 2012 & 2013. Joan has also studied with Auntie Margaret’s daughter Nerita Machado and continues to study Hawaiian culture.

Aunty Tamara passed in Sept 2020. Joan and Aunty “T” (as she was affectionally called) and her other apprentice, Aunty Raeanne Westlund, continues to teach and keep her lineage and Ohana alive.

Auntie Margaret taught Lomilomi is a praying work. Ancient Hawaiians used prayer “Pule” in their Lomilomi work and this practice continues today. One is guided as they work on a client, which allows beautiful healing experiences to happen. Lomilomi massage includes numerous strokes including; flat palm, wiggly wiggly, alternating thumbs, knuckles, forearms, and elbows. It is a very relaxing and therapeutic massage.

We are honored to have one of Hawaii’s beloved Elders, Kumu Brenda Mohalapua Ignacio approve and recommend Aunty Tamara’s & Aunty Joan’s lineage of Hawaiian Lomilomi.

Lomilomi is much more than a massage and encompasses healing of body, mind and spirit. It takes years to master all the components of Hawaiian Lomilomi. It truly is a life-changing experience for the giver and the receiver. The longer a therapist truly studies and practices lomilomi, the more in tune they become to Spirit. A change happens to the practitioner as their life becomes “pono” (balanced). This allows one’s “mana” (spiritual growth) to increase. One learns the “Loving Touch”, “unconditional love”, “Ho’oponopono”, Auntie’s colon cleanse, how and why to use steam baths and working on the injured body.

Aunty Joan invites you to experience this Ancient Hawaiian healing Art and feel the Aloha Spirit. Call and schedule a private massage session, couples session or learn a modality that is highly recommended by medical professionals and much sought after in Spa’s around the world.

[Please note, At Auntie Margaret’s school, she took 30 days to teach level 1. After that, one apprenticed for two or more years while their mana increased and they learned the advanced work. Due to request and time constraints from students all over the world, Aunty Joan’s Level 1 & 2 are a six day condensed version of Auntie Margaret’s 30-day program.]

Choose from Auntie Margret’s traditional work which is taught in the Intro to Hawaiian Lomilomi and Hawaiian Lomilomi Levels 1, 2 & 3 workshops. Additional workshops are the Seated Pillow Massage, Couples Table Massage, Pohaku (Stone) Massage and Facial & Spa Treatments. Auntie Margret’s Lomilomi strokes are taught in these additional workshops.Click here for workshop descriptions and registration information.

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