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Self-Reliant Preventative & Restorative Therapeutic Techniques

Prevent pain, injury and facilitate healing of the body today.

Self-Reliant Preventative & Restorative Techniques Workshop for the Family and everyone. This workshop is taught in two positions: seated on pillows & massage table work.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to increase their self-reliant skills for themselves and their family.  You can help prevent injury and facilitate healing of the body today. Many people are experiencing numbness and tingling in the hands, heads aches, neck and shoulder pain, etc. that can be FIXED NOW! Many experience no pain for the first time, in years, with one treatment.

ANYONE can learn these skills. Auditors are welcome. Real learning comes from practicing. :0) Call for info on Hosting and/or Attending these classes for FREE. Workshops taught all over the USA & in Japan. 

If you believe now or in the future it will be important to have this skill, you are invited to take this valuable workshop. If you are a back packer, spend weeks on horseback in the mountains, camp in the wilderness, hunter, etc… or you prepare for hard times or even disasters…this workshop will give you the skills you need when there isn’t a massage therapist, doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor or acupuncturists close by.

Seated, floor & table massage is taught. Learn how to alleviate tension and pain in the body, including migraines, TMJ, numbness in the arms and hands, piriformis, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, etc. (It is highly recommended that you take Hawaiian Lomilomi Level 1 prior to this workshop.) This class is taught in either a 2-hour condensed version or 8 hour Immersion. (Your choice of all female workshop either fully clothed or wearing sarongs and Co-ed workshops fully clothed.) For advanced medical work, it is recommended to have an all female class and students wear a sarong and covered with sheets if on the table. (This is a serious subject but I make it fun and relaxing.)

Evaluation techniques, basic and advanced massage, plus self-care exercises are taught and experienced firsthand. Take turns giving and receiving massage as you learn very important techniques to help you and your family now and in times of need.

Participating Group: Minimum 8, Max 20. No limit on auditors. (May be husbands and wives or all females. For ages  18 and above.)

My husband and I are self-reliant instructors. I believe so strongly in helping people prepare TODAY! I have taught these techniques to clients for years. Their feed back has been amazing. The value of having this knowledge and these skills can make a big difference today and be priceless in the future. Take advantage of these very affordable prices. My goal is to teach this workshop all over the world. 

*Condensed Version (2 hour – will cover a few conditions) $20 per person.

*8 hour Immersion (Covers all the listed conditions above and more.)  8 am-5 pm  $80 per person.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop IS NOT for injured participants. If you become injured, please seek medical help immediately. 

Call for more info and to schedule your group workshop today. I invite you to view the following testimonial below. More testimonies on the Testimonials page.

Testimonial from Scott Wilkinson, Maricopa AZ Stake Welfare Specialist

“I would like to put a shout out to my good friend Joan Haney. She came out to our Stake Preparedness class, that we have each month, and taught a Preventive and Healing and a Massage and Physical Therapy techniques class. What an outstanding class! Joan taught different techniques to help those who came to the class. She helped my friend who had rotator cuff surgery and was struggling with the pain and range of motion. The techniques that he learned has helped him with the pain that he was feeling. She helped another class member had calve issues and showed her mother how to help her daughter perform these leg and hip manipulations. Joan showed us how to use a tennis ball to help with aching feet. Joan’s gentle teaching method, by using the spirit and knowledge Joan has acquired over the years, helped the lives of many of the class members that night. Joan’s tireless efforts and her willingness to help others was very apparent in the fact that those in the class did not want to leave. That is a testament to how well Joan taught the class. In fact, several months after the class, I am still getting thanked for having Joan come out and teach these very important methods. These methods have helped us to heal ourselves and to prevent future injuries. I am hoping that Joan will come back again and further instruct us on how to live more complete and healthier lives”. – Scott Wilkinson, Maricopa Arizona Stake Welfare Specialist