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  • Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage: Enjoy this luxurious massage with ocean wave-like motions and light to deep palm, forearm, knuckle and elbow pressure in the rhythm of the hula. Experience rejuvenation and renewal as your stress, tensions, pain and muscle soreness float away with the tide.
  • Hot Stone “Pohaku” Massage: This massage adds deeper relaxation and healing of the body. Warm stones are held in the hands while massaging the body. Stone massage helps increase circulation and blood flow, promotes optimum relaxation, eases stress and anxiety as well as alleviates muscle and pain within the body.. 
  • Stomach (Colonic) Massage: Improve your colon and abdominal health.  Enjoy increased lung capacity, relieve constipation and helps restore balance to the body. NOTE: This massage is 30 minutes and can be a stand alone treatment or included in a 90 minute massage.
  • Pregnancy Massage: Massage is a wonderful way to care for your body during this special time of your life. Massage helps to increase circulation, ease fatigue and joint pain, reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Pregnancy massage has been known to aid clients with fewer complications during pregnancy and birth.

Choose: 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes sessions


Spa Treatments Menu

  • Island Retreat Spa Package (90 minute Lomilomi including hot stone massage and Auntie Margaret’s luxurious Hawaiian facial massage, foot and hand treatment.)      3 hours | $225
  • Lovely Aloha Hands (This treatment includes a Hawaiian Hand Massage with our signature Hawaiian Moisturizer and Paraffin dip.)   30 minutes$45 
  • Add on… Paraffin hand dip $15

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