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Introduction to Hawaiian Lomilomi: This class is an overview of the Indigenous Hawaiian healing art known as Hawaiian Lomilomi. It is a fun and loving class, full of “Aloha”. Students are briefly introduced to “Kupuna” (beloved elder, the source,) “Auntie Margaret Machado” and her lineage of “Loving Touch” Massage. Instructor Joan Haney’s lineage passes through Tamara Mondragon, who was one of  Auntie Margaret’s first three apprentices back in 1972 & 73. Students will also learn & participate in “Pule” (prayer). During this class, students will learn the deeper meaning of “Aloha”, and the concept of Ho’oponopono (forgiveness and making things right) as taught by Auntie Margaret to Auntie Tamara. The wiggly wiggly, flat palm, lomilomi, knuckle & forearm strokes are demonstrated. Students will learn how to begin to incorporate these healing practices into their life and massage practice. Joanʻs mission is to keep “Auntie Margaret’s” traditional massage alive (as taught to her by Auntie Tamara) and to share her traditional family lineage of Hawaiian Lomilomi with the world. This workshop is two hours. Two CEʻs. $50. (AUDIT Fee, NO CE’s. $25.)

Hawaiian Lomilomi Level 1: In this three-day, 24 CE workshop, students delve into the life of “Kupuna” (beloved elder, the source,) “Auntie Margaret Machado”.  As we “talk story” about Auntie Margaret, you will grow to love her and realize why she and her work is so revered. Learn the history and importance of her lineage of “Loving Touch” Massage. Basic principles and application of the “Loving Touch” are taught. Hands on technique using the flat palm, lomilomi, knuckle & forearm strokes are practiced. Students give and receive full body massages as they learn how Lomilomi feels and how to correctly deliver this healing massage. Aloha, and basic Ancient Hawaiian Culture is also presented. Students are inspired and learn how to increase their personal mana.  Students will learn the healing aspects & the importance of adding this relaxing and medical massage to their repertoire, and why many doctors, including physical therapist and chiropractors refer their medical clients for Hawaiian Lomilomi massage treatments. Workbook is included. View Workshop Registration page for upcoming workshops and registration information.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Pohaku (Stone): Extend your massage career and elevate your practice to a new level by using hot stones. Auntie Margaret’s “Traditional Loving Touch” Lomilomi massage is used and enhanced with the use of stones. (Please note Auntie Margaret never used stones as a routine but only to specific areas of the body for healing.) Clients absolutely love hot stones and once they have experienced it, they ask for it during each massage. This is a very therapeutic and relaxing massage which will set you apart from other therapists. Specifics of application, temperature and cleaning the stones is covered. Hawaiian Lomilomi Level 1 is HIGHLY recommended prior to this workshop. This workshop is offered in either a 2 or 3-day formate. 16 or 24 CE’s.  View Workshop Registration page for upcoming workshops and registration information.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Level 2: Intermediate Lomilomi full body massage skills are taught and layered on to level 1. Proper and effective use of forearms and elbows for therapeutic use is practiced. Very helpful for “medical massage” clients. Deeper meaning of the “Loving Touch” is taught and felt. Additional Ancient Hawaiian Cultural Practices are presented and explained. (Level 1 is required before this level.) Add this relaxing and medical massage to your repertoire. Many doctors and chiropractors refer their medical clients to Hawaiian Lomilomi Therapist.  Professional athletes such as the Oakland Raiders Football Team have used Lomilomi to help their performance. This workshop is 3 days. 24 CE’s.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Level 3: This advanced workshop brings an entirely new focus to the lomilomi massage. We continue with “Kupuna” (beloved elder, the source), “Aunty Margaret’s” advanced work as taught to Auntie Tamara before there was a formal school. This work was taught to apprentices only. Learn more about this world-renowned healer, and the meaning of her Hawaiian name. Aunty Margaret used this massage when working with injured, the elderly, pregnant and chronically ill clients. Working exclusively on the side of the client’s body, students are taught the renowned sciatic, hamstring, I.T. band and subscapularis release techniques that are found exclusively in the more advanced & traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi. Advanced Ho’oponopono and deeper Hawaiian Cultural Practices are taught. Take your massage skills to the next level. (Hawaiian Lomilomi 1 & 2 are required before this workshop.) This workshop is three-days. 24 CE’s. 

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Hawaiian Lomilomi Level 4: This ADVANCED workshop focuses on designing a signature Lomilomi massage by working with each student directly and weaving all 3 levels together to create a personal protocol & signature massage treatment. Level 4 is only taught in the Hawaiian Lomilomi Certification & Teachers Workshops Courses. Advanced Hawaiian Culture & Ho’oponopono practices are taught. You are invited to experience this Ancient Hawaiian Healing Art and feel the Aloha Spirit. Learn a modality that is highly recommended by medical professionals and much sought after in Spas around the world. Become a Certified Hawaiian Lomilomi Therapist. This workshop is the last in the Hawaiian Lomilomi Certified Therapist Series. This is a three-day workshop. 24 CE’s. 

Hawaiian Lomilomi Therapist Certification Series: Includes ADVANCED Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4. (One level per month for four consecutive months.) Please refer to individual workshop descriptions above for more information. (Please note additional healing techniques and Hawaiian Cultural Practices are taught in these levels.) Upon completion, you will have the prestigious honor of being a Certified Hawaiian Lomilomi Therapist. This course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Classes and Teachers Certification Workshops & Courses which will be taught in 2020. Hawaiian Lomilomi Therapist are sought after and recommended by medical professionals & professional athletic teams. Increase our “Mana” as you develop & wake up the healer inside of you. Enjoy a profound difference in your life and those who you treat.

This series is very similar to the Certification Course formally taught by Auntie Tamara Mondragon to students from all over the world. Total of 96 CE’s. View Registration page for Fall, 2019 dates & info on next Certification Series.

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Hawaiian Lomilomi Facial Massage & Spa Treatment: Are you looking for a new & exciting Spa treatment to add to your menu? Experience world-renowned “Auntie Margaret” Machado’s, famous Hawaiian Lomilomi facial massage. This class includes her much sought after traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi supine massage to the arms, hands, lower legs & feet.  Joan will also demonstrate the use of toe stones. This is a hands-on workshop, and students will take turns giving & receiving this luxurious treatment. Add this traditional & tropical treat to your repertoire and be the talk of the town. This workshop is 3 hours. 3 CE’s. $95. 

Seated Pillow Massage:  During the Seated Pillow Workshop, students will  learn how to perform and teach a single couple or group of couples or just all females groups… Seated Pillow Massage, in a 90 minute setting. Students will learn four Hawaiian Lomilomi strokes as you take turns giving and receiving neck and shoulder massage. As you learn Hawaiian healing arts and massage techniques, you will also discover the concepts of “Aloha”,  “Hoʻoponopono” (forgiving and letting go) and living a life of “pono” (balance). These all help build healthy relationships.

Learn the importance of having FUN and building rapport with your clientele. Discover how this will increase your bottom line and extend your massage career using this fun “experience” of healthy touch and “Aloha”. Advertising ideas are also covered.   This workshop is two hours. Two CEʻs. $50. 

Hawaiian Lomilomi Couples Table Massage Workshop: This 4-hour workshop helps build rapport with your clients and teaches them easy Hawaiian Lomilomi massage strokes which will help build their relationship and help them reach & enjoy a deeper LOVE for each other. Take turns giving and receiving as you learn how to teach couples how to deliver this massage, to their loved ones, in a 90-minute session. “Prone” Back, neck, arms, and head are taught. This workshop is 4 hours. 4 CE’s. $125

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